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Navigating the makeup world these days can feel pretty overwhelming, thanks to all the buzz from online influencers, constant brand releases, and the complexity of department store setups and sales hungry vendors. If you've ever left a store feeling confused about what to buy or ended up spending money on products that didn't suit you or went unused. Then it is time to change the way you shop, and I am here to help make beauty shopping a great experience for you! 

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As your dedicated makeup personal shopper, my journey begins by creating a personalized consultation to understand your unique style, skin type, budget and lifestyle, allowing me to craft a customized service tailored to your personal beauty needs. Guiding you through the latest trends, products and provide expert advice on purchases and application techniques, ensuring your makeup routine becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Personal Makeup Shopping Assistant $250

Duration: 1h 30m 

Location Visit:

I'll accompany you to a makeup store.

Product Selection:

Provide insights into the best products and Help you find and purchase makeup products tailored to your preferences and beauty needs.

Store Navigation:

I will help you Navigate through stores efficiently, focusing on your specific needs.

*Location-based travel fees may be applicable.


Duration: 2 Hours

Location Visit:

I'll come to your preferred location.

Product Showcase:

Presenting the latest trending and luxury brand makeup products.

Product Demonstration:

Makeup education & demonstrations of trending products for a hands-on experience. Customized shade matching to ensure perfect product selection.

Makeup Cleanse & Educate  $320

Duration: 2 Hours

Location Visit:

I'll come to your home to assess your current makeup collection.

Clear Out and Organize:

Assist in decluttering and organizing your existing makeup.

Educational Session:

Provide insights into the best products for your skin type, preferences, and lifestyle.

Personalized Makeup Routine:

Create a personalized makeup routine based on your collection.

Personal Makeup Sourcing Service
Virtual or Phone Consultation

Utilizing my extensive knowledge of beauty products, I'll craft an exclusive selection of makeup items tailored specifically to you or your special someone. This service can be a great gift or A personalized makeup shopping experience without leaving the comfort of your home! I buy, and deliver makeup products tailored to your preferences and requests. 
*Makeup Items not included in Sourcing Fees


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